The problem is that it’s difficult for an automotive service centers because they need to leverage their marketing to get more customers.  And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult if you’ve got the right strategy.

Millions of people use the internet every day, that’s why it’s so important to zone in on the right content your company puts online.  With the right focus, you’ll gain the best reputation and grab as much attention as possible leading to more customers, it’s that simple!

When it comes to automotive service centers, they don’t have a plan in place to build their reputation so they end up losing literally tens of thousands of dollars every single month because they don’t have a way to capture and remarket to the customers coming in and to gain referrals.

Setting up a website and social media platforms is relatively easy, but automotive service centers find out pretty quickly that bringing customers to their location is the biggest challenge.

So, how does an automotive service center leverage the power of online marketing?  We like to give a few specific guidelines.

TIP # 1– Reputation is critical – if you aren’t actively building your reputation and guarding against bad reviews you can be in serious trouble.  It only takes a few vocal unsatisfied customers to crater your rating on yelp and other review sites, driving people away.  Use a system to solicit feedback from your customers, and drive them to leave a review when they have had an excellent experience and actively market that through your website, social media, image sharing sites and on YouTube.

TIP #2 – Create Awareness: You need to make sure you are showing up properly in the right directories to build citation flow so Google will rank you higher on search results.  Using a directory management tool is critical to make sure that all 70 directories are updated.  These tools can also make your profiles look great and updates a breeze.

TIP #3 – Reinforce location, accessibility and flexibility.  People want to know you are flexible and that you are close by.  Making sure your hours of operation are clearly listed on your website and the business directories is crucial to drive more traffic to your location.

Our expertise is reputation marketing and we focus on helping local businesses Build, manage and market their reputation.  For those that want to learn more they can go to where they can find out more about our services.  Or they can call us at 347-762-5336.

We’re happy to help because what we focus on is leading with value because bringing value to the marketplace is what it’s all about.

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