LeadOutcome Review:Part 2 – Dashboard & Lead Module

LeadOutcome Review:Part 2 – Dashboard & Lead Module

Today we are going to dive into the first two modules of LeadOutcome, the dashboard and the lead modules.  These are the places you will most likely spend most of your time looking at the various activity your leads are generating from your emails and visits to your websites.  At least once you’ve finished setting up your landing pages, lead capture forms,  1-click emails, and email campaigns.


The first thing you see when you log in to LeadOutcome is your main dashboard.   You can see all of the outstanding tasks in the system as well as see the total number of leads in the system with some basic statistics like new leads today, new leads this month and total leads.  

Lead Outcome Dashboard

You will also get an email daily on the activity within your account.  

LeadOutcome Daily lead activity summary email

LeadOutcome Daily lead activity summary email

This is great to see what your contacts are up to in the system.  You will also  get reminders to complete the tasks based on when you set the due dates for those tasks.  

LeadOutcome Task reminder

LeadOutcome Task reminder

There is an Quicklinks navigation at the bottom of the page which handles most operational tasks.  This section can be customized to add additional actions.

Lead Outcome Quick Links

LeadOutcome Quick Links


This is the next heading on the main navigation bar.  This is where you can view, manage and customize your CRM as well as create tasks for you to work on.

Manage Leads

Here is where you can see all the contacts in your system.  All of the basic information and latest activities of your contacts can be seen at a glance. You even have control over which columns you want to see, and which you want to hide. You will also go to the Manage Leads pages to send 1-Click Emails, add notes, find your high scoring leads, assign email campaigns, do bulk updates, and so much more. You can create filters and save them as lists to quickly bring up the leads you want to see when you want to see them.

LeadOutcome Manage Leads

LeadOutcome Manage Leads

Task List

Use the Task List to keep track of your meetings and appointments. LeadOutcome will send you an email reminder on the day of your task. You can add a task that is specific to a single lead, an entire group of leads, or just add a general task for yourself.

LeadOutcome Task List

LeadOutcome Task List

Lead Customization

Create your own lead categories to keep all of your leads grouped and organized. This makes it easy to isolate a set of leads to send out emails and do batch updates. Use the tags to get even more specific within a group. Create tags based on interest, lead source, which step of your sales funnel they are in, products they have purchased, or anything else you can think of! If our general fields (name, email, phone, etc.) are not enough for you, create your own! We have text fields, drop downs, date pickers, and more!

Lead Categories

You can create custom categories in addition to the standard categories that come with LeadOutcome.  The built-in categories are:

  • Business Leads
  • Cold Leads
  • Do Not Contact
  • LinkedIn
  • My Contacts
  • New Leads
  • Transferred Lead
  • Webinar Follow-up

Leads can only belong to a single category.  If you need to have multiple attributes on a lead, you can use the tag functionality.  You need the Premier functionality to use tags.

Lead Status

Leads also have a status attribute that also functions like a category.  Those status are:

  • New
  • Assigned
  • In Progress
  • Stalled
  • Recycled
  • Dead
  • Converted

Custom Field Groups

You can create customize your customer relationship management module to add whatever custom fields you need. You can create text fields, drop down lists, check boxes, and more to collect data on your leads.

Lead Tags

Just like with categories, you can create custom tags.  You can tag leads based on really anything you want, where they came from, what product and/or service they may be interested in.  You can assign multiple tags to the same lead.  Really the sky is the limit here.  This is only available with the premier subscription.

Adding Leads

There are three ways to add leads to the system.

Add single Lead

This is great for adding a single lead if you happened to pick up a business card from someone or they wrote their information on a napkin.

Lead Outcome Add New Lead

LeadOutcome Add New Lead

Add Multiple Leads

For entering multiple leads. Similar to the single lead entry.  Good if you have a VA or a bunch of business cards that you got at a conference that need to be entered.

Lead Outcome Add Multiple Leads

LeadOutcome Add Multiple Leads

Lead Import Wizard

For when you need to import a large amount of contacts.  Typically used when you do your first imports into the system. It is a three-step process.  First step is to assign the to a lead category.

Lead Outcome Lead Import Wizard 1

LeadOutcome Lead Import Wizard 1

Then choose the file and determine if you can use one of the default profiles or do a custom mapping.  Then choose whether you want to update duplicate leads or create new ones.  

Lead Outcome Lead Import Wizard 2

LeadOutcome Lead Import Wizard 2

Finally you attest that you’ve been given permission to contact the people via email. Then click next and start loading leads.

Lead Outcome Lead Import Wizard 3

LeadOutcome Lead Import Wizard 3

That is it for the this module.  We will be reviewing the additional modules as well as doing a hands on walk through demonstrating how you can use lead outcome to your marketing efforts. Stay tuned.

Next Article will be the Marketing Module

Missed the beginning?  Go back now.

Here’s to you owning your social.


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