LeadOutcome Review – Part 4: Integrations and Support


Lead Capture Forms

These are the forms that you put on your lead capture pages or your website to collect information on your leads.  Like most things on LeadOutcome there are some templates you can use to get started, but pretty much everything can be customized on the form.

The first step is to give it a name and a description and choose and starting template.

LeadOutcome Lead Capture Form Form Setup

LeadOutcome Lead Capture Form Form Setup

Next you can customize the colors and copy on your form as well as decide what information that you want to collect on them which are linked to the fields in you Lead management database.  You can choose whether these fields are required or not.

LeadOutcome Lead Capture Pages Form Design

LeadOutcome Lead Capture Pages Form Design

Next you can choose the redirect after the form is completed and assign optional behaviors for the lead that was just created by the form.  You have many options that you can choose.  You can assign the lead to a campaign, transfer the lead to a team member, Send a 1 click email, schedule a 1-click email to go out, unassign tags, assign tags, assign Ad Code, append the leads score, get email notifications, and assign a category.

LeadOutcome Lead Capture Form Optional Behavior

LeadOutcome Lead Capture Form Optional Behavior

Once you make your selections you can then generate the code and preview the form.  You can then copy the code into a landing page or your website.  With the WordPress plugin you can copy this code into your WordPress site and use short codes to insert them into the various pages you want them in.

Smart Pixels

Smart Pixels are pieces of code you can insert into your pages which can trigger actions much like the lead capture forms do, but for people who already in your database.  You can use this to stop a campaign and start another one, and tag leads depending on their activity.  Great to use in a series of pages to track how far people have gotten.  For instance you can schedule a campaign email to go out if someone didn’t complete an action to remind them to go back and do it, but then on the next page remove the campaign so that they don’t get an email when they shouldn’t have.

LeadOutcome Pixel Options

LeadOutcome Pixel Options

Smart pixels don’t save after you generate them.  But there is nothing wrong with you copying them to a text file for certain behaviors that you want to trigger in multiple areas.  If you use the LeadOutcome plugin for WordPress, you automatically get smart pixel like tracking on your pages.  You can always improve the tracking with a new pixel.

Integration Partners

I mentioned the integration partners in Part 1 so i don’t talk about them much here except list them.

  • GotoMeeting/ GotoWebinar
  • WordPress for site tracking
  • Zapier – for automated actions
  • Twillio – for SMS and phone integration
  • Wistia – Video services
  • Thankster – postal mail
  • LiveChat
  • Bulk Email Checker
  • Lead Pages
  • and others.

Pre-Built Websites

LeadOutcome also offers pre-built marketing websites to aid in lead capture:

  • Home Businesses
  • Get New Patients
  • Get New Customers
  • Local Reputation Marketer

These are template sites complete with content to help develop and nurture leads.

Help & Support

I know what you are saying.  “This all sounds well and good, but what if I get stuck.  Who will help me?”  LeadOutcome has a good amount of content available for you to draw upon.  There is a knowledge base as well as videos that you can watch on specific functions.  If that is not good enough there are weekly webinars that review entire modules and walk you through how to set things up.  You will get emails from them on a weekly basis letting you know what is coming up.  Steffany Winkelmann, the customer success manager has been very friendly and helpful with questions I have had.  She reaches out to customers from time to time to see how you are doing and ask if you need help.

Next article we will do a more hands on article on how to set up a campaign using all the modules.

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Here’s to you owning your social.

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