Leveraging Other People’s Content (OPC) for Enhanced Social Sharing

Are You Leveraging Other People’s Content (OPC) for Enhanced Social Sharing?

You are following an Inbound/content marketing strategy to increase your SEO and offer good value to your followers, but are you making the most of Other People’s Content (OPC)? Have you keep your branding on their shares?   You may be thinking, “Wait, how do you do that?” Until I saw the enhanced social sharing this in action I had some questions as well.

Lets back up a bit so I can paint the scenario a bit better.  

Have you followed a link to a great article and then got hit with a pop-up from their site asking to subscribe to a newsletter or enter an email for a free download?  You probably have even encountered that on my site.  Why should you be marketing for someone else and get nothing for it?  You are driving your followers to them and then this pop up comes up and breaks their focus that you were the one that brought them there to begin with.  You are the one who is curating all this great content.  Shouldn’t you be able to stay in front of them?  The Own Your Social enhanced social sharing Content banner feature is a great way for you to keep you visible in a very unobtrusive way.

When you use our platform for your social shares, you get to put a branded banner on the bottom of your shares.

You can use this banner in many of the same ways that these sites are using their pop ups, getting emails for a newsletter, provide a free download, or link to a squeeze page or other content.  Here is an example, in this instance I am using the banner to drive traffic to my newsletter.

Enhanced Social Sharing Screenshot

This takes the 80/20 rule and flips it on its head.

Instead of having to intersperse some self-promotion in with your social posts you can do that at the same time in an unobtrusive way.  You can have your brand associated with this good content as it stays on this page.  After they finish reading it they are looking at your banner.  Great way to keep mind share with your followers.  This is what we call enhanced social sharing.

Here’s to you owning your social.

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