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We Offer Solutions Not More Work

Own Your Social offers businesses solutions for social media management, reputation, and business development.  For the best results, you can combine these solutions to turbo charge your marketing efforts.  We can show you how easy it is to put together a solution that is easy to manage so you can focus on your business, not on the technology.


Website ServicesSEO is is not just optional in today’s online presence, it is the bedrock that everything is based on.  Without applying the proper techniques, the great content you produce will not be found.

We can perform a detailed onsite assessment to determine if you are getting penalized by google for thin pages, broken links, keyword targeting, and other factors.  We then look at your link profile and determine how to improve the quality of links and put together a strategy to make it happen.

Content Marketing

social-assessmentToday, content marketing is the organic way of driving traffic to your website.  Many of the major search engines looks at the freshness of your website as a factor in their rankings.

In order to continue to drive traffic to your site you need to produce high quality content to keep people coming back.  A high quality content strategy also sets you up as an expert in your given area enhancing your reputation.

Digital Advertising

Sales GraphNavigating Google Adwords and all the new social media platforms advertising platforms can be challenging and confusing.  Making a mistake here can easily cost you money and will not deliver the results you are looking for.  We are experts in all forms of PPC and can help navigate the landscape providing top tier advice so you get results.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Social IconsWhy spend the time manually going to Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to post your updates?  We can give you software to automate the collection of content, as well as give the ability to schedule your posts in advance.   This drastically cuts the time required to keep up your social presence.  Take it a step further and have us keep up with the latest in social media trends and best practices and have us manage creating your content for your blog/website and social media channels and let you focus on other aspects of your business for a stress free professional social presence.

  • Develop a social media marketing strategy and help build social proof for your products, enable social selling, social deals, and social sweepstakes as well as providing tools to cut the time to follow these strategies.
  • Education to teach internal resources about social media
  • Offer software solution for companies who are ready to step up and manage their social presence themselves

Reputation Marketing

reputation-monitoringYour reputation is very important to your business and it should not take a back seat.  97% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 search online before buying a product or service.  That’s a huge shift in buyer behavior. Even one bad review can cost you a customer.  Without reputation marketing and social listening you could already be losing money to something you don’t even know is out there.  We have products that can actively watch, build, and keep up your reputation. Potential clients will want to do business with you and will trust that you are there for them if something unexpected happens.  We can help you with strategies to develop the social proof that you need to put you above your competition.

  • Develop Authority by being cited in Major Media Websites (ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS)
  • Targeted monitoring of reviews on Yelp, Google+  and more.
  • Premium automated reputation marketing and Social Listening software to scour the web
  • Review Videos to dominate the first page of Google
  • Review nurturing to get that 5-star review to stand apart from your competitors.

Email Marketing and Sales Automation

Who wants to spend endless hours following up and developing potential customers?  I know I don’t, that is why we use marketing automation here at Own Your Social, and so should you.  We use multiple strategies to build lists of potential clients and existing clients.  This allows us to easily reach out and communicate new offerings, improvement to our offerings, upsells and any other information that they might find useful on the topics that we keep up to date with.  We use education to invest in our list so they see value in receiving communications from us.  This is a highly effective strategy that every business should be using. The following are some of the strategies that we use.

  • Build customer lists using social media posts and your website
  • Brand your social shares, even when they aren’t yours
  • Newsletters
  • CRM, Marketing Automation, and Sales Funnels – Lead Outcome

Website Services

Website ServicesYour first impression needs to be a good one.  Having an out of date website or no website is a great way to lose a customer.  You need to be leveraging modern design and infrastructure to use the best tools to attract and convert visitors into customers.  We have a variety of solutions to get your website running properly.  We can make websites based on your Facebook page, SEO websites for lead generation, and to WordPress websites.  We can make sure that your website can look great and be a sales machine and not just a pretty face.  We also offer website and social media archiving services to make sure you are compliant with regulations in your industry.

  • WordPress Websites – When you need to start over and build a state of the art website and you’ve been using another platform.
  • WordPress Makeover – If you site is allready WordPress, we can get you a new look and modernize your site.
  • WordPress Maintenance – We can take the hassle of making sure you have the most uptodate plugins and that you are following
  • Content Services & Copywriting – give your pages some extra juice
  • Instant Website from a Facebook business page – Update your Facebook and update your website, as simple as that.
  • Legal and Regulatory Website site archiving – to make sure you stay compliant