Email is still the best way to reach your audience

Email Marketing

People always say that the money is in the list.  This is still true.  Building and maintaining a list of clients or potential clients is a time tested and proven strategy.  Even with the rise of new technologies like social media you typically have to pay to communicate with your followers.  Although one can argue that building a list also costs money, it is more of an investment.  Once you have them, you can communicate with them over and over again.  With social media sites like Facebook where you have to pay every time you want to guarantee your content or offer to get in front of your audience, even if they like your page.  With Twitter there is so much noise that you never know who has seen your content or if it stood out enough to make a difference.  If you build you list right, you have people who are ready to receive your message and will be more receptive to your message.


Communicate with your clients or potential clients with a newsletter.  It is a great way to keep top of mind and communicate changes as well as help build authority  by sharing your blog articles and is a critical part of our authority marketing strategy.  We can help you build a custom letter and keep it full of content with our content writing services.

Deals and Promotions

Make sure you grab attention for your promotions with the copyrighting services to go along with eye-catching graphics.  We can even help you promote it via Pay-Per-Click services to drive extra traffic to it to gain more clients.

Take Your Email to the Next Level with Automation

Some people think automation is a dirty word.  Not us.  When you automate properly, you save yourself time and increase your results.  Think about all the things your sales people should be doing to nurture leads. All the best practices that you trust them to use or instruct them to do.  Do they do them?  Maybe, maybe not.

While not everyone needs something like Salesforce, there are plenty of low cost effective solutions to ensure everyone is followed up with appropriately and consistently.  That you can push out email templates so that they can be consistent with the message you want to communicate.

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