As a business or individual looking to gain exposure for yourself online, knowing whether or not it will work for you ahead of time could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing dollars.

Should I use Google or Facebook?

There are different use cases for each, but in many cases you want to do a combination of both.

Google Adwords

AdWords can be great if you know what people are searching for when they are looking for your business, and you can afford to pay the market rate for those clicks.  This can be expensive depending on the industry that you are in.  AdWords does use geographic and demographic targeting but it is based on IP addresses and cookies to track behavior.  AdWords is great to target people who have actionable intent and have about 80% of the global search volume.

Google Adwords works best when someone is in research mode. When a person searches for a keyword on Google, the top results will be advertisements related to the person’s search. So you only reach searchers.