What is Reputation Marketing?

Wikipedia defines it as…

“the marriage of the fields of reputation management and brand marketing. In the socially connected world of the new millennium a brand’s reputation is vetted online nearly in real-time by consumers leaving online reviews and citing experiences on social media websites.”

Anything to do with how people perceive you can fall into the realm of reputation marketing.  Reputation Marketing can be separated into the following aspects.

Authority Marketing

Everyone wants to do business with an expert.  So presenting yourself in that way is important.  The best way to do this is through your website, social media, and other websites.  But who has the time to do these things?  We can help you find great content shares for your social channels, leverage our content writing specialists in your industry to produce the highest quality content so you can put this on your website as well as other websites in your industry or niche.  You can combine this with our SEO services to build additional authority for these articles to increase your visibility.

Media Authority

Media Authority ExampleYou know how it’s hard it is to get into national publications like NBC, CBS, ABC & Fox so you can be a celebrity in your field of expertise?

I solve this.

I do this by utilizing a special “insider’s” website and a unique press release format to guarantee placement.  This is perfect for any serious professional, you will have a LinkedIn profile picture just like mine below which will get them to choose you! Then you can continue to build up your resume with more appearances to further enhance your brand.

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Review Marketing

Your reputation is very important to your business and it should not take a back seat.  97% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 search online before buying a product or service.  That’s a huge shift in buyer behavior. Even one bad review can cost you a customer.  You need to put a system in place to encourage your clients to provide feedback to you.  We utilize email and SMS to reach out to your clients to get this critical feedback and if it is a 5 star review give them the opportunity to have them leave a review where you want it to be and address the feedback before it ends up out in the open.  We then give you a dashboard to make it easy to publicize these on social media.  Even turning them into attention grabbing review videos.

Social Listening

You never know where your brand is being mentioned online.  The internet is a vast place.  We would love to think that your clients would only mention you on your social media channels where they can be easily monitored, but the reality is that they most often do not.  That is why you need to utilize social listening software so you can find out where people are mentioning your brand and engage with them on their turf.  Google alerts just doesn’t cut it.  We have systems to monitor your reviews, as well as a premium tool to scrounge the depths of the internet to uncover every forum post, blog, or community website that people may mention your brand on.

Social Media

When people search for your business.  Most likely they will find your social media properties as google highly ranks these.  You need to make sure that you keep these channels up to date with new and engaging content the positions you as a authority in your industry.  Having no social media presence or a lackluster one can hurt you.  Utilize our social media experts to help you when you don’t have time to do so yourself.  Our unique content banner feature can help market your business while you share curated content and your own unique articles.