Why Nurture your Reputation?

The game of marketing has just changed to give 5-star rated companies the advantage.

People WILL do a search and look to see what your reputation is and what people are saying about you on Yelp.

Lets take a look at two statistics…

Reputation Marketing Statistic 1
Reputation Marketing Statistic 2

Let this sink in a little.  These are huge percentages.  People WILL do a search and look to see what your reputation is and what people are saying about you on Yelp and other sites.

Question…three services are virtually identical

3 Services

Which one would you choose? It’s obvious C because we all understand and it’s literally just part of our culture in everywhere that we go whether it’s looking for a rating on a TV show or movie or restaurant we go to.  These five stars are like a huge billboard saying, ‘I’m the right company for you to choose’.

There are 4 Big Game Changers in Marketing Today


80 million Google+ pages merge with each company’s website and reveals the company’s reputation to their customers.  Believe it or not, you can search for any company name and plus the city and it reveals their reputation.


Well, it gets even bigger because businesses have reviews.  They have to have reviews to compete online.  Why?  Because reviews are part of every online marketing. So the new online currency of all businesses isn’t a great website.  It’s not SEO, it’s trust.  And the way we build trust is with online reviews and you leveraging the power of reputation marketing.


SEO, social media, pay per click and local marketing – all these strategies are not effective anymore if you’re not monitoring and you get a bad review.  That means if you don’t have a system or process or a team that’s looking online to find out what people are saying every single day well a bad review might show up at the top and then all that work that you did to get to the top of Google and all that marketing literally is just shouting that you’re not a good company.


Reviews give you pre-qualified pre-sold leads because buyers trust reviews as much as family and personal recommendations, because 72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.  So having these reviews online are just like having someone’s best friend, neighbor, colleague, spouse rave about you.


In choosing your business, how many reviews do you think a consumer looks up before making a decision to pick up the phone and call you?

Well, the answer is 10. What if you only have four reviews on Google and they’re all five star reviews?

The answer is that they might not call, four reviews is not enough.

What about trusting your business?  How many reviews does a business need do you think for consumers to trust them?

The magic number really to be safe is you need at least 6-10 five star reviews for your business to be trusted.

Find out your Reputation Score Now!

Quickly see your reputation score and local discovery ranking.

Return On Investment

Some amazing stats that companies get when investing in reputation marketing strategy.   There was actually a test done by the University of California in Berkeley and they looked at 320 different business.  Here’s what they found – that if you increase the rating by slightly half a star you can actually increase business by 19%.  Reputation marketing is proven to increase business by 19% with just half star rating online.  Now, that’s powerful.

So How Do I Get More Reviews?

By using a CRM that can communicate via SMS or Email to your customers and by helping people leave a review.  Our system also functions as a sign-in system so you can use it for that and get their permission to contact them.  We also help people to leave a review as not everyone has the experience to do so.  People need help on certain sites and we provide walk throughs as part of our system.

You can choose what the order of priority they leave reviews on so you can meet those crucial targets we were talking about before.  We can also then track the reviews left on almost any review site and spread the word about them on your social media or turn them into review videos for added impact.

  • Brand Manager
  • $147 / Month + Setup
    • Setup 24/7 Monitoring
    • Listing Optimization
    • Instant Review Alerts
    • Online Review Analytics
    • Monthly Reputation Reports
    • Respond Bad Reviews
    • Email Support

  • Market Leader
  • $697 / Month + Setup
    • Manager & Builder Features
    • Unlimited Prof. Designed Images
    • Monthly  60 Sec. Video Commercials
    • Website/Blog Review Marketing
    • Social Media Review Marketing
    • Image Review Marketing
    • Video Review Marketing
    • Video Syndication & SEO
    • Reputation Marketing Analytics

Ready to get started? Have some more questions?

Reputation can really be the difference between an OK business and a thriving one.