Protect Your Website Records with Automatic Website Archiving

Website Archiving
  • Automatically Bacup and Archive Your Social Media Content & Web Content
  • Full records of websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest
  • Dont worry about looking in multiple places for all your different sites; all archives on one integrated platform
  • Worry-free compliance with SEC, FINRA, FCA, FTC or Open Records requirements
  • Quickly prepare legally admissible digital evidence
  • Fully automated
  • Simple set up, simple retrieval

Why Archive Websites

You’re in charge of retaining records for your organization’s website and social media properties. You know that in many cases, it is a legal requirement.

You need to protect your business against false claims, intellectual property theft, information audits, and freedom of information requests.

Website and social media archiving isn’t the most interesting of topics. Spending hours and hours learning about it, developing systems and processes, ensuring that they are followed and even more time in the ongoing management of the task.

Website Archiving ( & Social Media, Blogs, Video …)

PageFreezer can help you out.

PageFreezer provides an automated, cost-effective way to collect, retain and replay your organization’s web & social media content without involvement from your IT department.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Magento, Behance, HTML5, WordPress, Blogger, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Vine, Joomla, Drupal

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, websites, web apps and more.

Web Archiving Experts

You don’t spend hours and hours talking about the intricacies of web harvesting algorithms, or efficient conversion to WARC format, or numerous other web archiving technologies and procedures. We’ve been building our industry-leading solution since 2006 and serve well over 500 government agencies, financial firms, multinationals, and other major institutions.

You just want to get it handled securely, reliably, and cost-effectively. Time is money, and you want to get it dealt with in an easy and straightforward manner as possible.

Be an Archiving Hero

PageFreezer focus’s on making web archiving smooth. Everything from onboarding, automatic archiving, to the simple retrieval, is all designed to provide a simple, smooth experience

PageFreezer is an industry-strength web- based service for archiving, retaining, managing, and replaying dynamic web content. Every change to your website is captured. PageFreezer provides compliance with records retention regulators such as FINRA, SEC, FCA, and SOX. The archives also stand as irrefutable evidence in court, in case your web content becomes relevant to a legal case.

One Portal for all Your Archiving Needs (Including Social Media)

Don’t settle for a separate product that archives your social media.  We can also archive your social media – from the same interface!

Archiving of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram falls under the same requirements as web archiving.

Don’t handle your social media archiving separately. Make it easy on yourself and handle all your archiving needs through one set up, and one portal.

World-Class Data Centers

PageFreezer employs world-class data centers to store and protect your data over the long term. Unlike typical RAID configurations that can only store data for 3-5 years, our servers are configured for long-term storage of 20+ years thereby enabling us to meet any record retention schedule.

So much of what is happening online is content generated on the various social media platforms.

Public Records Compliance

Governments can be held accountable for the information they publish on the web. Tracking changes on the websites with PageFreezer offer governments trusted, non-refutable evidence in the case of liability claims.   In accordance with the Public Records Law, government websites are considered an official government publication.

FINRA, SEC and FCA Compliant

US financial companies need to comply with the records management regulations of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in archiving their electronic data,. US public companies need to comply with the records management regulations of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act and SEC. UK financial firms have similar requirements under the FCA. PageFreezer is FINRA, SEC, SOX and FCA compliant.

Automatic Archiving

PageFreezer uses crawling technology, similar to that of Google, to take snapshots of your website. Archiving is automated, saving time. With dynamically monitoring, new web pages and changes to web pages are noted, so your archive is always accurate.

No Software Installation

PageFreezer is an online service. You do not need to install software. Set up your account and begin archiving your website quickly! Our secure cloud-based system makes management and accountability easy.

Fair Pricing

No matter your company size, you’ll be confident that your online content is properly archived. Archiving is insurance against all the problems of improperly, difficult to find, or worse, missing materials.

Live Browsing

You can log onto your dashboard to view a list of all versions of your websites. Click on an archive to open it as if it is still live to see how the site looked on a specified date.


Use search functions allow you to quickly find the page you are looking for. Use powerful search operators to narrow you search by a website, date, keywords and more.

Legal Evidence

Archives are worthless in the case of legal claims unless you can prove data integrity and authenticity. PageFreezer provides trusted, non-refutable evidence.

256-bit Digital Signature/Timestamp

Prove the archived web pages are not altered over time and adhere to evidentiary guidelines such as FRCP, and FRE. Each page is time stamped with an ANSI X9.95 compliant Time Stamp Authority securely synchronized with the certified atomic clocks of a Stratum-1 Time Server.

Compare Web Pages

Compare changes between two different versions of a single web page.  Select two dates and view the textual changes between the two – deletions highlighted in red, additions highlighted in green. This makes it easier to visualize what changed on your site from one version to another.

Data Export

Your data is yours and remains yours. When dealing with a legal claim that requires a physical copy of your files, or when you need a local copy for any other reason, get a data export of all your archived files. HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, get the complete and accurate files and file structure that existed on that specific date.

What can you do to investigate further?

Ok, you’ve read this far. You know you need website archiving, and PageFreezer sounds like a reasonable solution.