3 Reputation Marketing Tips for Businesses


The problem is that it’s difficult for local businesses to know how to build their online reputation and then leverage this power to get more customers.  Almost 80% of people go online to checks for reviews, even if they’ve been referred by someone they trust. That’s a staggering number that is growing daily and that’s why it’s so important that local businesses pay very close attention to their online reputation.  It can mean the difference in customers flocking to your company or going to your competitors.

You can’t force the customer to leave a review or control where they leave it.  On top of this, it is hard to get enough reviews on a single site to be able to show how established and credible your business is.  Research shows you need a minimum of 10 reviews to prove credibility.  That is a big number, especially when you take into consideration of all the sites that a review can be left on. Luckily there are systems you can put in place so that you can make it really easy for them to do so.

So, how does a local business leverage the power of Online Reputation?  We like to give a few specific principles:
TIP # 1-The first place potential customers research a business is online so make sure you are always aware of your company’s online reputation.  Utilize a social listening tool to make sure you are aware of your mentions.

TIP #2– Potential customers trust reviews, especially when it’s a video review.  Creating a review video is a great way to highlight some of your reviews and can be used to easily rank on the first page of Google so that is the first thing people see when looking for reviews on your business.

TIP #3—Put in a system to encourage people to leave reviews and funnel feedback to the business when their experience has been less than perfect.  Don’t just expect people who have had great experiences to leave a review.  It is more likely that people who have bad experiences will want to tell the world about it.  Make sure you can show that more people have great experiences than have bad.

Our expertise is Reputation Marketing and we focus on helping businesses build, maintain, and improve their reputation using the strategies we just reviewed.  We are offering our Social Listening Tool Repwarn  Free with any 6 month plan.  For those that want to learn more they can go to www.OwnYourSocial.com/FR

With Reputation being more important than ever, it is important for business owner to stay ahead of their competitors by showing how much better their experience will be with you.

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