Using competitive keywords to rank at the top of search engines is an excellent strategy, however, most local businesses don’t have the SEO budget or the time to make this happen.  Sometimes we forget that people are looking for your business due to your other marketing efforts and don’t concentrate on what shows up when they search for your business.  There are some really attractive techniques to dominate the results pages for your business name and some keywords. One of them is to use review videos to get customers.  For example, I have a certain client who advertises locally on radio, TV and the newspaper. From this adverts coupled with some referrals, his site receives about 120 searches for his company name each month.

The searches on this person’s business mean that the potential customers are determined to know what he has to offer. They just need something compelling to make them take action.

However, searching for this client’s company, the results are not so desirable.  There can be a all sorts of sites showing up that have questionable practices.   Niche sites with no reviews, or even worse an ad spam site with questionable practices.  It doesn’t matter to them that the rating can be added with a simple click of a mouse even without registering. For customers who are looking for validation, all they would consider is that mediocre rating and start looking elsewhere.  They won’t bother to put into perspective the 5-star reviews on his Facebook page, or the humongous lists of printed emails and letters from students praising his company for a job well done. These potential customers who are already searching for his company are the low-hanging fruits that could translate to thousands of dollars. All he needs to do is raise his game and pick them.

The lingering question is how he can do that?  He is encouraging more reviews on Facebook which is excellent, but it doesn’t seem to have any substantial effects. However, there is a more compelling technique that can elevate customers’ engagement quickly and affordably, use review videos to get customers.

Videos Can Rank Almost Instantly on YouTube

Designing a video that is specifically optimized for a particular location with a business name on it can run on YouTube in a matter of hours. What I recommended to this client and my other clients is to utilize a short, engaging video with their top rated reviews and testimonials and post it on YouTube.

The real lifeblood of the video should be an title and description written with SEO in mind. The two areas need to have your company name, the term reviews and the name of the city that your business is located.  

Use Review Videos To Get Customers

 What makes me love these video search results is the thumbnail. These thumbnail image is captivating and grabs your attention, doesn’t it?  You see 5 stars, the name of the business and the logo.  Its instantly recognizable that this is something you want to click on.  Its got the phone number as well in the meta description.  I’ve had clients tell me that people call without even watching the video.

In fact, I believe these thumbnails are attractive enough to garner 41% clicks more than the text-only results, even if they aren’t placed at the top of the page. Video testimonials are more convincing and engaging. They keep clients longer on your site and attract additional visitors.  You can spruce these up with an audio or video testimonial from a customer and have an even better effect.

In my client’s case, it means that prospective customers will not only see the reviews but also ensures that they don’t focus all the attention on blemishes such as the mediocre 2.9 rating displayed in the search results.

It is no secret that testimonials make a greater part of an online buying decision and if you are not utilizing the praises and positive reviews of your customers, then you are passing out on a tremendous opportunity. We are greatly influenced by what other people say to some extent and how better can it become if the first thing people see when they search for your business is an exciting video with positive reviews and praises for your company.

These great review videos will cost you a little amount of money and time to create, but their value is far much more especially if you get them ranked as described. Furthermore, you don’t stop there!  We have a done for your service to make these affordably and without having to piece together services on Fiverr.

Use Other Intuitive Means to Get the Attention of More Prospects

Once you have uploaded your video, why not add it to your website, on the first page, on the about page and if possible, why not let it be on all the pages?

Then add it to your Facebook page and pin it to the top of the newsfeed. You can go a notch higher and edit a shorter version of the video and share it on your Instagram account. Also, make sure that you add the video’s link to your twitter account. It is also imperative that you include a link to this video in every email you send to prospects or customers. I always encourage clients to place the link in the auto-signature so that every email they send acts as a tiny advertisement for the quality services they provide.

Concerning the money used, the review videos provide an unmatched value.

Research indicates that 80% of all customers trust online reviews just as recommendations from their peers, and 9 out of 10 of these use online reviews to make their buying decision. Combining your company reviews with the inherent power of videos gives you the potential to attract, influence and engage your prospect thus drawing and retaining more traffic for your business’s website.

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