Leverage Social Media to Get More Customers


The problem is that it is difficult for local businesses to leverage social media to get more customers.

Business owners are faced with so many competing priorities in the day they don’t have the time do learn about the latest techniques and end up spinning their wheels with little results.

Since setting up a social media account is easy business owners think that the followers will come easy as well.  If you build it, they won’t necessarily come without some serious promotion.  What people don’t know is how to optimize their pages and use all the advanced features and strategies to really make their page stand out and work FOR them instead of AGAINST them and actually get them new customers.

So, how does a local business leverage the power of Social Media?  We like to give a few specific principles:

Make sure that the content you share is something your target customer wants to know.  People will check out your content before they follow you.  They want to see that you are an expert in your area and that your content is useful.

You also want to post original content.  Don’t just share articles from other people, though that is an important aspect.

Respond timely to mentions.  More and more people expect to get a response if they reach out on social media.  Make sure you are getting alerts appropriately and use social listening software to make sure you know when people mention your brand on and off of social media.

 Our expertise is Social Media Marketing and we focus on helping local businesses use content to drive people to their website with our proprietary Branded Content feature.  For those that want to learn more they can go to www.OwnYourSocial.com/BC where they can learn more about the branded content feature.

With technology changing every day it is important for business owner to stay ahead of their competitors as social media is increasingly becoming more and more relevant to their customers.

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