How To Get Likes on Facebook

Do you want to run a successful business? Then you need to figure out how to get likes on Facebook.  One of the best ways to take your business to the next level is engaging your Facebook community. An active Facebook community will ensure that many visitors read your content. This will make it easy when it comes to promoting your brand. In the discussion below, we have outlined some of the best ways on how to get likes on Facebook.


Optimizing Facebook Page Info

One of the things that many people look at when searching your business Facebook page is your profile picture, description as well as cover image. You need to ensure that your images and business descriptions are quite engaging. In addition, they should define what your business does so that people can like your page.

Post Engaging Content

You need to post engaging, interesting and entertaining content on your site if at all you want to get more likes at the end of the day. Some of the best content you can post on your page includes videos that talk about your products and services.  You want to have 80% informational posts and 20% promotional.  Some people think 90/10 is even better.

This is obviously the most important part of your strategy.  Even if you can get lots of traffic to your Page and get likes, they will quickly leave if you aren’t delivering or aren’t engaging with your content.  Facebook will not show your content to many people if no one is engaging with it.

Be Active

Very few people would like to visit an inactive site. There is no specific number of times you need to post content on your site. You can use Facebook insights to determine the best days to post content on your Facebook page to get more likes. In simple words, you need to post content during peak times of the week.

Promote Your Page in Different Places

After getting great content for your page, ensure that you share your presence. You can use different services such as to promote your presence all over the internet.  They share your page with an audience that they have cultivated.  This can give you page a good boost to get the ball rolling and show social proof that you are worth following by others.

Invite the Existent Community

Employees, business partners, industry partners and current customers are some of the groups that make up your existing community. You can send them a friendly and personal invitation asking them to like your page on Facebook.  Offering to reciprocate is a good way to start the conversation.

Use Facebook Social Plugins

The other way to get more likes on Facebook is using Facebook social plugins. With Facebook plugins, you can embed and then promote your Facebook page. You only need to like your Facebook page and then visitors will have the opportunity of doing the same as well as sharing the page. Moreover, Facebook plugins allow visitors to comment on your business content using their accounts.  SumoMe has some great plugins for WordPress that can give you much of this functionality for free.

Use Data to Attract New Members to Your Page

You can combine data and engaging content to get more likes on your Facebook page without going through much hassle at the end of the day. You should specialize in data driven tools to get more likes on your site. This can be a great technique to anyone who is not sure about the right content to post on his or her Facebook page.

Pay for Facebook Ads

Today, businesses are paying in order to be seen on different platforms including Facebook. As one of the leading social platforms, Facebook boasts of a large assortment where you can make your selection with ease. You will be presented with various options where you can choose from thus making it easy to attract more likes. You can utilize data as well as contact lists from your community to get more likes at the end of the day without digging deeper into your pocket to pay for the same. All Facebook ads have an option to show users the like page button to those who will see your ads even if they are not going to like your page.

Run a Contest on Facebook

Many businesses run contests on their Facebook accounts to increase their audience as well as get more likes. While running your contests, ensure that you follow Facebook promotion guidelines to attract more likes without facing any issues. Some of the simple guidelines include running a fun, easy and relevant contests.

How to Get Likes on Facebook – Conclusion

How to get likes on facebook

In conclusion, Facebook is among the best ways to promote your business. However, to grow your business you need to find ways on how to get likes on Facebook. There are several ways to get more likes on your Facebook. Some of the most used and effective ways include using service providers such as, posting engaging content, being
active, running a contest, using plugins, optimizing your page, promoting you page in multiple places and paying for Facebook ads among others.

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