Spa Marketing Tips

The problem is that it’s difficult for a spa to leverage online marketing to get more customers. With a lot of businesses in the area, it’s hard to differentiate yourself from other competitors and have someone pick your business over someone else’s. Even when personally recommended, 80% of people check online for the reputation of the business, what’s important is focusing on achieving the best reputation so that your referrals can help gain you more customers.  Reviews are public testimonials so it’s important to always put your best foot forward and train your staff appropriately.

Setting up a website and social media platforms is relatively easy, but spas owners find out pretty quickly that bringing customers to their location is the biggest challenge and maintaining that great 5 star reputation.

So, how does a local spa leverage the power of online marketing?  We like to give a few specific principles:

TIP # 1– Reputation is critical – customers want to know they’re in good hands and these days they really research online to find out what type of reputation your spa has, provide great reviews, there can never be too much praise!  Use a CRM system to reach out to your clients via text and email to get feedback on their experience and encourage them to leave reviews.

TIP #2–- Make sure you always have engaging content on your facebook and keep people excited about your newest services by offering periodic specials.  Be sure to remind them of all services you offer and let them know about any great events that you are involved in.

TIP #3–Location, accessibility and flexibility – reinforce your local proximity, how flexible your hours of operation are and how accessible you are.  Customers want to know that they have a spa that is available when needed and that they are close by.

Our expertise is reputation marketing and we focus on helping local businesses leverage online reviews, video marketing, and social media.  For those that want to get 50% off of our Reputation Nurturing system they can go to where they can learn about how a Social CRM and Video marketing can really differentiate themselves.  Or they can call us at 347-762-5336

We are happy to help, because the market has shifted and its important for business owner to stay ahead of their competitors by leveraging Reputation Marketing

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